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Japanese consortium to develop unmanned ships

A Japanese consortium has won a place in The Nippon Foundation-led ‘Joint Technological Development Programme for the Demonstration of Unmanned Ships’.
The consortium consists of Marubeni Corporation, Tryangle, Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding and the City of Yokosuka.
As part of the programme, the consortium will launch a pilot project to test the autonomous ship operation technology in Yokosuka City. The project financing will be supported by The Nippon Foundation.
Autonomous ships are expected to reduce the ship crew workload and increase operational safety.
The unmanned ships will offer a secure, safe and stable sea transport in the country. In cases of natural disasters, the technology will aid in the transport of essential goods.
The test will be carried out on the Mikasa Pier – Sarushima Island voyage route.
The Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding-developed autonomous ship technology will be retro-fitted on one small-sized passenger boats operated by Tryangle.