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ICS turns publications into ebooks, digitalizing the industry

Digitalization is the key for the shipping industry in its efforts to modernize and continue its operations. Now, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) launched eboooks to assist the industry.

The Chamber made a number of its essential maritime publications available as ebooks, to enable ship operators to build their maritime library with a choice of formats to reflect the individual requirements of their fleets and their purchasing profiles.

In addition, the digital format includes a variety of choices for users, such as search, print, copy and paste information from both standalone and networked PCs.
Referring to this step, Elliott Adams, Chief Finance & Commercial Officer at the International Chamber of Shipping commented that
The next generation of seafarers are digital natives, demanding increasingly sophisticated sources of information. The option of purchasing essential ICS titles in digital format ensures that the latest advice on safety, operations and legislation is instantly available to a wider range of users.

Further supporting the industry's digitalization, ICS along with other shipping stakeholders launched a new initiative called "Accelerating Digitalisation of Maritime Trade and Logistics".