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INTERCARGO’s Self-Assessment Scheme under development

INTERCARGO has long recognised the need for companies in the dry bulk sector to have a widely accepted and common quality benchmark. First considered five years ago, the issue was revisited in 2018 and since 2019 INTERCARGO has been developing with its Members and with external expert support DRY-SAS, a dry bulk sector quality Self-Assessment Scheme, which focuses on shore management.
Recognising that our sector would not welcome multiple separate schemes with any associated duplications, INTERCARGO is aiming at a scheme which will enjoy industry-wide support, embrace best practices and Key Performance Indicators and raise the bar on safety, environmental and operational excellence.
INTERCARGO is the only recognised international organisation representing dry bulk shipowners, managers and operators. We are non-profit, with quality and operational excellence as our key values.
Finding merit in any initiative that would respect our values and principles, INTERCARGO is open to collaboration with other industry bodies and organisations. We envisage a scheme carefully developed, widely consulted upon and accordingly accepted by the industry, as offering the best service for the dry bulk sector.