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Shell extends Shipcare product availability

Shell Marine has extended the coverage of its Shipcare network, enabling access to its lubricants and maintenance products in more locations.

The company launched its Shell Shipcare portfolio in Singapore in 2020, and has since rolled it out to eight ports including Amsterdam, Busan, Fujairah, Houston, Kobe, Rotterdam and Shanghai. Shell Marine said it had plans to have the range available in 20 ports by the end of 2021.

Shell Shipcare is a core portfolio of maintenance products covering vessels from fishing boats to cruise ships and tankers, and includes products such as chemical testing kits, treatment chemicals for boilers, main-engine cooling water, evaporators and fuel, dispersants and general cleaners such as hydrochloric descaler, carbon remover and solvent degreaser.

Shell Marine Global General Manager, Joris van Brussel, said: “We want to help make our customers' voyages more efficient, predictable and cleaner. It’s been a challenging few years for the shipping industry and operators need integrated solutions to keep their fleets well-maintained.”