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Maritime consortium launch CrewCare app to improve seafarer well-being

Marking a significant step forward in seafarer welfare, a group of established maritime entities have joined forces to build a digital platform aimed at improving the emotional well-being of the world’s 1.7 million seafarers.

Launched today, the Safebridge CrewCare app – jointly developed by volunteer group Container Shipping Supporting Seafarers (CSSS), maritime EdTech company Safebridge, data analytics company Motion Ventures, and the Universities of Manchester and Plymouth – encourages seafarers to open up about their feelings and thoughts to mitigate the risk of depression and suicide.

In 2017, the UK P&I Club revealed that suicide was the top cause of seafarers’ deaths, accounting for 15% of all fatalities at sea.

The app facilitates crew managers' ability to monitor the status of the seafarers' well-being, general health, and COVID-19 risks but also gives them the power to take immediate action and offer direct support to those in need.
About CSSS

Founded in 2017 by Philip Eastell, Container Shipping Supporting Seafarers (CSSS) is a 100% volunteer group based in the UK, of professional individuals working in the maritime and container sectors. Its goal is to raise global awareness of the problems, issues and consequences affecting the wellbeing and welfare of seafarers and fishermen and to facilitate practical projects that help improve seafarer health and happiness.

Its focus is not limited to the container shipping industry. CSSS is not faith-based, political, or engages financially or acts for personal financial gain. It aims to deliver specific projects within the shipping industry that directly support seafarers.

Areas where CSSS provides support and awareness include increasing access to onboard communications, addressing isolation and loneliness, mental illness, slavery and human trafficking, bullying, sexual abuse and racist attacks, ship abandonment and piracy.