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Hanseaticsoft highlights how shipping companies can make cost savings by going digital during Covid-19

The demand for digital technology has risen tenfold as maritime businesses embrace new ways of working during the coronavirus pandemic, according to satcom specialist IEC Telecom[i].

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft echoes this view and says they have seen increased demand for their maritime software solution in recent months, as companies seek new ways to operate more efficiently and make cost savings.

Alexander Buchmann says, “The Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on shipping companies, disrupting their operations, and changing their normal working practices, with more staff working remotely. Whereas historically, shipping companies were slow adopters of technology, many are now accelerating their digital strategy. Many companies are realising that technology could improve collaboration between teams on shore and at sea, create a connected workplace culture and generate major cost and efficiency savings.”

A new study, “Maritime Digitalisation Playbook,” produced by members of Maritime Singapore, highlights that when companies digitalise their processes, they increase performance, focus more deeply on innovation, and create more value[ii]. The study highlights that digitalisation needs to be on the agenda for shipping companies, because ‘competitors are doing it’ and there is a need to ‘future-proof’ business

Hanseaticsoft says that by switching from managing different tasks using a variety of solutions, or even handling them paper-based, to one centralised cloud-based system, such as Hanseatisoft’s Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), it is possible to work regardless of location and to gain the competitive advantage.

Software is helping shipping companies with their digitisation, automating their processes, and creating connected workplaces that support strategic business goals. Having an innovative solution in place makes it possible to centralise all information and data to share insights with employees as well as crews at sea or external partners. The company says 25% of daily working time can be saved by using CFM which would otherwise be wasted by searching for and validating data.

But not only the reliable access to data can help a company to reduce expenses. Purchasing, crew management, scheduling of vessels, risk assessment or maintenance of the fleet are also some of the areas in which cost savings can be realised as a result of digitalisation.