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IMO stands against “no crew change” clauses

Charterers’ “no crew change” clauses worsens the ongoing crew change crisis and further threatens safety of navigation, highlighted IMO Secretary-General, Kitack Lim. He has spoken out against “no crew change” clauses in charterparties, pointing out that such clauses exacerbate the already challenging situation of stranded seafarers and undermine the efforts undertaken to resolve the ongoing crew change crisis.

So-called “no crew change” clauses, which are demanded by certain charterers, state that no crew changes can take place while the charterer’s cargo is onboard. This does not allow the ship to deviate to ports where crew changes could take place. IMO’s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) has been made aware of this worrying development in recent weeks.

In a strong statement, supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Mr Lim called upon all charterers to refrain from requesting to include “no crew change” clauses in charterparties, and also called upon shipowners and operators to reject them if they are demanded.
"Such clauses exacerbate the mental and physical fatigue among exhausted seafarers, undermine compliance with the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended (MLC, 2006) and further threaten the safety of navigation"

What is more, international organizations have made statements at the latest meeting of IMO’s Legal Committee, LEG 107, to denounce the use of “no crew change” clauses in charterparties. The Committee invited submissions on the matter to its 108th session, scheduled to take place in July 2021.
As of 18 December, 46 IMO Member States and one Associate Member have designated seafarers as key workers. This is vital to exempt these professionals from specific COVID-related travel restrictions, allowing them to travel between their country of residence and ships, and to be repatriated at the end of their contracts.

There have also been some encouraging signs of progress in the application of the industry-developed framework of protocols for ensuring safe crew changes and travel during the pandemic, which were endorsed by the Maritime Safety Committee and circulated as MSC.1/Circ.1636.

"The plight of stranded seafarers is highlighted in an IMO video featuring seafarers who describe the challenges they have faced due to the pandemic, and the impacts of the ongoing crew change crisis on their physical and mental health" - IMO concludes.