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Port of Sète is en route to becoming a smart port of the future

Port of Sète and its community are taking a new step towards becoming a smart port of the future.

Following a call for tenders for upgrading its online Cargo Community System (CCS) launched in November 2019, the Port of Sète selected MGI’s Ci5 package for digital goods flow management.The resulting 5-year contract renews the long-termpartnership between the Port of Sète and MGI.

This innovative management system upgrade fully aligns with the 2021-2025 strategic project agreed by unanimous vote of the Port Sud de France board, chaired by Jean-Claude Gayssot in December 2019. Ci5’ simplementation also contributes to the policy led by Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region of strategically focusing on innovation and the challenges of the ecological transition.

A major step in the innovation strategy of southern central France’s leading port offering an effective response to the digital and environmental challenges of the future.

Over the next few months, Ci5 will replace the system deployed in 2012.The new platform will help users meet port requirements for all goods handled in the Port of Sète, including containers, trailers, bulk, livestock, etc. and will be operational this autumn.

All shipping agents and consignees, freight forwarders, transport companies, terminal operators, customs officials and port authority staff will receive assistance to support them through the deployment and operation of the new platform, ensuring service continuity with no disruptions.

Ci5 will remove the need for multiple paper declarations and facilitate and speed up cargo processing while also reducing C02 emissions from port and associated activities.