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For the first time in four months – all Tallink Grupp’s vessels are sailing on the Baltic sea in one day

The last time all Tallink Grupp vessels were on the sea together in one day was Saturday, 14 March 2020 – exactly four months ago. During the peak of the crisis, only half of the company’s fleet continued operations to a limited extent and for several months mainly to transport cargo between the company’s home markets of Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia.

Today, all 14 vessels the company had operating on the Baltic sea before the crisis, including one new vessel the company purchased last month, are all sailing on various regular and temporary routes around the Baltic Sea region.
Today, approximately 20 000 passengers are travelling on all departures on Tallink Grupp’s vessels on the Baltic Sea on the company’s vessels on routes, such as Tallinn-Helsinki, Stockholm-Riga (commuter traffic only), Stockholm-Visby, Tallinn-Turku, Turku – Aland, Turku-Stockholm, Helsinki-Riga. Last year, on the same day, respectively, there were 41 403 passengers travelling on this date on Tallink Grupp’s vessels in the Baltic Sea region.