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Autonomous navigation in real operation: video presented

For the first time, a video demonstrating the real operation of automatic and remote control was presented to a broad audience during the Conference on a-Navigation on the 28th of April

The Conference was arranged by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with IMO’s support and in partnership with the Industry Association MARINET and the a-Navigation Promotion Center “MARINET RUT” on the eve of the 103rd session of the Maritime Safety Committee.

“This year, we are completing a large-scale a-Navigation Trial Project – in real conditions – and beginning a national experiment on the trial operation of autonomous vessels under the Russian flag. In December last year, the Russian government, the Flag State administration, approved the Decree on conducting such an experiment, considering the IMO’s Interim Guidelines for the Maritime Autonomous Ships Trials. In accordance with it, any shipping company will be able to equip its ships under the Russian flag with autonomous navigation systems and operate them in their regular activities as part of the national experiment,” said Alexander Poshivai, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation inviting Conference participants to enjoy the video of an example of a-Navigation Trial Project

The sea trials demonstrating technical solutions in real operation are held on board several vessels belonging to Pola Group (general cargo ship “Pola Anfisa”), SCF (tanker “Mikhail Ulyanov”), and Rosmorport (the dredging convoy, “Redut” and “Rabochaya”)

The videos of the Conference and the example of the tests under a-Navigation Trial Project are available at