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Mester Commercial

Was founded on April 9, 2009 under the reg.No.HE 248163
in Limassol, Cyprus and provides a full range of the world class quality ship management services
Our aim

Our aim is to serve the shipping industry and our clients with the utmost expertise and attention, offering various solutions and individual packages assisting our customers to be successful and thereby making us a ship management company.
Our services

Our services and packages include, but not limited to: full management, technical management, crew management, commercial management including disbursement and freight and hire calculations, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Management, Purchase and sale of the secondhand vessels.
Our Commitment

We are committed to an integrated Safety Management System which imparts the philosophy of Management Safety, Environment and Quality Management throughout our organization. All procedures are adopted within our Safety Management System ensuring consistency with existing International Conventions and industry best practices.
Our Expertise

We developed our in-house ship management expertise and earned recognition from major energy and utility companies for first class services delivered and excellent performance.

Technical Management

Technical management is a core activity of Mester Commercial management services.
We have proven experience in the management of various types of the vessels:
Bulk carriers, Oil tankers, Multi-purpose vessels
What is special in our approach in technical management?
Key-members of our team are qualified Masters and Chief Engineers,
who utilize gained experience for successful technical management of the vessels.

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Our superintendents are responsible for monitoring the vessels´ condition and all aspects of their performance and operation and ensure reliability and availability of the fleet.

We will ensure that the hull, machinery and equipment are maintained and operated in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and industry guidance for optimizing the vessel's energy efficiency and implementing energy conservation measures (both operational practices and constructional modifications and upgrades) throughout the whole fleet under our management, contributing to environmental performance and costs reduction, without compromising safety of the crew and the vessel.

We monitor condition of vessel and their systems, proposing to Owners timely upgrades of the vessels in order to comply with future legislations.

Our Company is aimed for continuous improvement to keep the maximum standards of safety and environmental protection both onboard and ashore.

Our services reflect the industry's highest operational and maintenance standards, various software solutions have been developed to improve standard packages for Preventive Maintenance Program applications.

Procurement service is the important part of technical management. Our solid relationships with leading suppliers, workshops and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at competitive prices.

Crew Management

Our crews are the main asset for safe and smooth day-to-day operation of the vessels. We ultimately recognise that all vessels under our management shall be manned by competent crews who fully understand their roles and responsibilities and who are capable of working as effective teams
What makes special our crew management?
Our crews are the main asset for safe and smooth day-to-day operation of the vessels.

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We ultimately recognise that all vessels under our management shall be manned by competent crews who fully understand their roles and responsibilities and who are capable of working as effective teams. We recognise for all crew members the vital role of motivation, training, qualification and competence that ensure proper execution of their duties and responsibilities and lead to the improvement of safety and environmental excellence. To achieve our goals and objectives we established and maintain procedures in full compliance with International Standards for the Selection, Recruitment, Training and administration of crews.

We have agreement with four Crewing companies in Russian Federation and Ukraine. We are proud to maintain high retention rate for our Seafarers; for Officers – 98% and for Ratings - 95%.

Our clients can benefit from the Crew Management services such as:
  • Selection and recruitment of the Crews;
  • Training and Certification of the Crews;
  • Preparation of Flag State Documentation;
  • Authentication of Certificates and Licenses;
  • Administration of Wages;
  • P&I insurance and Handling of related Claims;
  • Social programs and welfare for the Crews

Commercial Management

Mester Commercial Ltd has direct connections with Commercial Departments of the leading Shipping Companies for decades since its establishment, helps our clients to make their voyages more profitable
What is our approach in commercial management?
We have direct connections with Commercial Departments of the leading shipping companies for decades
since its establishment, helping our clients to make their voyages more profitable.

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We ensure that all voyages are executed in adherence with Charter Party, claims are undisputed, voyages are carefully planned to minimize bunker consumption and that all notices and letters of protest are timely tendered to defend owners financial interest.

Our experienced team, consisting from Masters and professionals with commercial shipping background, dedicates time to training on-board personnel in the financial/commercial aspect of shipping, which helps us to deliver impressive results to ship-owners.

Our clients can benefit from full or part of Commercial Operations Management which include but not limited to:
  • Pre- fixture assistance to brokers/chartering team
  • C/P terms review to ensure adherence to C/P terms
  • Handling of day to day communication with all parties involved in the voyage
  • Voyage Planning, Execution and Monitoring
  • Speed and performance monitoring against C/P to minimize voyage costs
  • Agency Appointment, disbursement handling and accounting
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • All invoicing related to the voyage including shifting, deviation, speed up claims and others
  • Laytime calculations
  • Claims handling
  • Voyage results reporting and analysis
  • Accounting services for the purpose of audit

We value our clients trust in executing voyages on their behalf and strive to minimize voyage costs where possible, be it related to port calls, bunkering or claims. We pride ourselves for excellent results.


We assist our clients on negotiating and concluding periodic charters for all classes of vessels.

Environmental Management

We achieved improvements across a range of safety management performance indicators by the effective use of established Safety Management Systems
How do we make business in harmony with nature?
At Mester Commercial Ltd. we work in partnership with several of our major customers on a range of safety, security and environmental programs and initiatives.

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Safety Performance

  • It is our goal to keep our seamen healthier, ship safer and seas cleaner, thus we are focusing on:
  • promoting best practice within the company's vessels and ensuring that a strong safety culture, pro-active risk management approach and environmental awareness are encouraged and maintained;
  • ensuring the effective implementation of the Safety Management System and promoting and supporting efforts for continual improvement within the function;
  • ensuring that any applicable parts of rules, regulations and relevant industry guidance notes are adopted by the Safety Management System;
  • regularly review practices/procedures to ensure standards are maintained by adopting improved practices, equipment, training programs and procedures.

We are monitoring our safety performance by using internationally accepted definitions for work related injuries and measuring those in relation to man-hours exposure.

Vessels under the management of Mester Commercial Ltd. continue to show good results during many Port State Control inspections that are carried out on board all around the world.

Promoting the Safety Culture

A solidity implemented SMS is an essential basis for the outstanding HSSE performance and continuous improvement that can only be achieved when there is a culture in which the elements of the management system can flourish.
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